Haas & Czjzek history

The beginning of the Haas & Czjzek porcelain dates back to 1792 when the first porcelain factory in Bohemia was founded by Johann Georg Paulus. In 1812, the factory was entitled to manufacture porcelain and after circa 55 years (1867) Georg Haas and Johann Czjzek took over the company. Thus, the Haas & Czjzek brand saw the light of day. The company followed the traditions and techniques and rose to fame all around the world. The Slavkov porcelain (Haas & Czjzek) has always been very popular with a global clientele. Thanks to this the Haas & Czjzek was among the biggest porcelain makers in the last quarter of the 19th century and in Czechoslovakia it the interwar period. The Haas & Czjzek brand is so exclusive thanks to the long and successful tradition of porcelain manufacturing in Horní Slavkov in the Sokolov county. The fact that the production of Slavkov porcelain Haas & Czjzek continues without interruption until this day, i.e. almost 230 years, is also important. The company thus has traditions to follow. Thanks to being a world-renowned company and thanks to an almost 200-year-old brand recognized around the world, it will be very easy to create a new and successful business concept, which is innovative but also follows the original traditions. Important customers appreciate that there is only one Haas & Czjzek in the world. The high quality and beauty of the Haas & Czjzek porcelain are instrumental in this appreciation.

Slavkov porcelain (Haas & Czjzek) is proud to have made porcelain ware with a coat of arms for the British Queen Elizabeth II. It was ordered for the occasion of her silver jubilee in 1977. The Queen held the Slavkov porcelain in high esteem and didn’t hide it like many others. Among our customers was also Pope John Paul II, who, in 1995, proudly received a vase Louisa Sophia with motives of Saint John of Nepomuk. The First Lady of the Czech Republic has a liking for the Slavkov porcelain. In 1994, she personally chose a dinner service, which was used in the staterooms at the Prague Castle. These are only a few of many examples, which all clearly indicate the exclusiveness and renown of the Haas & Czjzek brand.

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