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Of course we supply throughout the Czech Republic, but we also deliver to Slovakia, Russia, Poland, Netherlands and Germany!

After choosing the product and amount you want in the Cross of St. Michael section, you can order it and make the payment as follows.

1. To add a product to the cart, use the "Add to cart" button Do KOŠÍKU

2. In your cart you will clearly see everything you have added to it - the exact name of the product, availability, number of pieces (you can change it at any time) and the final price. (You can see the complete contents of your cart each time you click on the cart symbol at the top right of the page.) Košík ikona

3. Complete your order. Pokračovat v objednávce ikona


4. Choose the shipping and payment method.

Volba dopravy a platby5. Click the continue button. Pokračovat ikona


6. Enter your name and address and choose the required destination.

Informace o zákazníkovi a odeslání objednávky

7. lick the send order button. Odeslat objednávky ikona

Good to know

  • You will receive an email notification of each step in the processing of your order. You will have a perfect overview of what is happening with your order and when you can expect the delivery of the selected goods the whole time.


For orders from Russia, we charge shipping costs incl. postage and packaging fees in the amount of 500 CZK.

For orders from Poland, we charge shipping costs incl. postage and packaging fees in the amount of 300 CZK.

For orders from Netherlands, we charge shipping costs incl. postage and packaging fees in the amount of 330 CZK.

Shipments are delivered through appropriately selected carriers.


By bank transfer: You pay for the goods based on your order. For a convenient payment, payment details are generated for you immediately after you place your order, and they are also sent to you immediately in an email in case you want to make the payment later.

IBAN: CZ8701000001231410360257


Name of account: St. Michael s.r.o.,

Currency: CZK

Variable symbol: your order number

Address and name of bank: Komerční banka a.s., Na Příkopě 33, ZIP 114 07 Praha 01

After we receive your payment, we will ship your product to the address you provided in the order within five business days.